Speak at TEDxCapeTown

Do you have a passion for something the world needs to hear about? Is it a remarkable idea worth spreading? Do you know someone with an idea that needs to take our stage? Will the idea entertain, inspire action and inform? If you answered yes, then we want to hear from you!

Speaker applications and nominations for our 2021 event are open between Monday, 19 July 2021 - Sunday, 1 August 2021.

Speaking at TEDxCapeTown is about much more than making an appearance on our stage. We are building a community of people who are engaging in meaningful change. Hence, your attitude towards creating community and paying it forward is as important as your idea worth spreading.

Applications are currently closed

Nominations are currently closed

Coaching applications are currently closed

TEDxCapeTownWomen 2016
Epiphay at Youth@TEDxCapeTown

What can the talk be about?

We welcome talks on all topics. The more diverse, the better! On our stage, we’ve had talks ranging from technology, health care, entertainment, and design — all the way to environmental science, leadership, entrepreneurship, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, and more. In saying all that, there are some agendas that we do not allow. No commercial agendas. No bad science. No talks with inflammatory, political, or religious agendas.

Who are we looking for?

Inventors – sharing innovations with world-changing potential.

Teachers – sharing valuable knowledge in memorable ways to teenagers or adults.

Prodigies – embodying young talent, ready to break free.

Artists – showcasing inspiring work in compelling, new ways.

Performers – staging music, comedy, dance, drama, or something completely different.

Sages – with wisdom the world needs, from those who have learned it the hard way.

Enthusiasts – with an infectious passion about a topic they can share.

Change agents – helping shape the world’s future with work that matters.

Storytellers – vivid, original and meaningful, with a talent for connection.

Sparks – with powerful ideas worth spreading.

Do you have an idea worth spreading for the TEDxCapeTown stage?

Ideas can change the world; we believe this to be true. If you know someone who belongs on the TEDxCapeTown stage, or if you belong there yourself, please apply! Click the button below to use our speaker nomination form, and tell us why this person (or yourself) would be well-matched to take the TEDxCapeTown stage and share an ‘Idea Worth Spreading’.

Multiple nominations for the same person won't influence the speaker selection team in any way. We review every nomination that comes in, and it only takes one.

Cindy Mkaza-Siboto at TEDxCapeTown 2018

How do you get started?

Empower yourself by making sure that you fully understand what our events are all about. Our main event is so much more than a typical conference. Instead, it’s like a filmed production dedicated to ideas worth spreading!

Take a moment to go behind the scenes of the last two in-person main events hosted by TEDxCapeTown: Pause & Effect and Hear to Listen. Immerse yourself in the various TED and TEDx talks available on the internet and take a look at the official TEDx speaker guide.

Applications are currently closed

Nominations are currently closed

Coaching applications are currently closed

What commitment do we make to our speakers?

The TEDxCapeTown speaker team works with selected speakers well in advance of the event date to help shape a presentation that will succeed on our stage — ensuring each talk embodies the ethos of  ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. This support is provided through a series of facilitated workshops, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions.

What commitment is expected from speakers?

We are flexible and accommodating, but we do expect a high level of commitment from speakers. If you cannot commit to these requirements, we reserve the right to exclude you from the final speaker line-up.

There are several engagements which you will be expected to attend. Please note that the dates may change — in accordance with government regulations, which may have an impact on your speaker journey. Here’s an overview of the expected dates, which our speakers would be required to commit to this year:

Sun, 01 Aug Speaker applications close
Tue, 17 Aug Shortlisted speakers pitch to TEDxCapeTown team*
Wed, 18 Aug Shortlisted speakers pitch to TEDxCapeTown team*
Thu, 19 Aug Shortlisted speakers pitch to TEDxCapeTown team*
Sat, 18 Sep - Sat, 23 Oct Three speaker training workshops hosted between these dates (four full days, in total)
Ongoing Selected speakers’ appointments with TEDxCapeTown coaches
Nov (date TBC) Main event day

* For the pitch sessions, speakers need only attend one of the three available dates (outlined above). Arrangements for this will be communicated.

Where is the 2021 main event going to take place?

We are currently expecting the main event to take place in person — at a venue in Cape Town. Audience size will depend on COVID-19 regulations. The entire production will be streamed live, to allow a global audience to watch the event. The full details will be communicated closer to the event date.

Applications are currently closed

Nominations are currently closed

Coaching applications are currently closed