Alison Walker

Alison Walker
The Hive
Legl (PBO application)
Current team member
Alison completed a BSoc Sci, in psychology, and LLB at the University of Cape Town. Her passion for efficiency and desire to help create a better South Africa through job creation led her to a legal outsourcing start-up. Alison is excited by the prospect of creating efficiencies in the legal sector and thereby increasing access to justice. This is paired with a keen interest in what creates the 'perfect' work environment and how to get the best out of a person. Alison loves people, the outdoors and learning, which is what attracted her to TED. Given her indecisiveness, Alison's favourite TED talk is constantly changing but her current number one is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's 'The danger of a single story'. Alison's hope is that society can become more tolerant by increasing its awareness of the multitude of different stories surrounding each of us.