Wondering ‘Where To From Here?’

"Where To From Here?" - TEDxYouth@CapeTown takes over the TEDxCapeTown stage

As a child, you were probably asked: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Maybe you set your eyes on being a teacher, a vet, a rockstar or chef. Maybe you wanted to be all four - at the same time. (Good on you!) But chances are, you changed your mind once or twice or fifteen times before you had to create a CV. And who knows, maybe you’ve changed your mind again since then.

The TEDxYouth@CapeTown team got thinking about this idea - how nothing is set in stone; how no one fits in a neat, little box or; walks a straight and narrow road through life. We make turns and jump hurdles, we get distracted, try different routes and through it all find ourselves wondering: What should I do next? What should I try? Where To From Here? It was this thought that cemented the theme of our Intersections of Change collaboration with TEDxCapeTown

As young people, we seem to have many opportunities. But even though we want to get out there and take on the world, trying something new or dipping a toe into uncharted waters can be challenging (and scary). 

So, we figured, we’d turn to some of our past TEDxYouth@CapeTown speakers and ask for a little advice. Vuyo Joboda, Velani Mboweni, Lusanda Worsley and Caitlyn Roux come from different walks of life, are interested in different career paths and successful in their own ways but one golden thread ties them to this conversation - they are always thinking, “Where To From Here?” 

Vuyo Joboda: This generation is explorative.

Here’s a few tips they had for carving out a new path/ chasing a goal/ trying something new:

Disclaimer: These tips have been pulled from our speakers interviews. You can watch a replay of the full event here.

  • Figure out what you want 

It can be tough to anchor down what you’d like to do or achieve, but making that decision is a great place to start. You can’t arrive if you don’t know where you’re headed.

Caitlyn, a Life Transformation Coach, is an advocate for taking ownership of your life, and actively engaging in the choices you make and the life you build.

Caitlyn Roux: You are the cause and everything around you is the effect.

“[We’re all here to] create a life that we are proud of - a life we want to live - and to find happiness on our own terms. It is all a choice.” - Caitlyn Roux 

  • Focus on the goal

When lockdown hit, Velani Mboweni, the CEO of a mobility company called LULA, recalls that they decided the company was going to make it through whatever the pandemic or lockdown threw their way.

“We decided to block out the noise and focus on what we needed to achieve, understanding that sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.” - Velani Mboweni

In order to achieve anything, we have to focus our energy on succeeding. The same applies to personal goals.

Caitlyn said, “Personal growth is not just going to happen to you, you need to put in the work so that it can happen.”

Velani Mboweni: We decided to block out the noise and focus on what we needed to achieve.

  • Build a support system 

In a business capacity, Velani advised that finding someone “who can walk the journey with you that has complementary skill sets and has similar amounts of risk” is essential to keep yourself going - in terms of motivation and accountability.

“No matter where we come from, whatever status we have in the world, we are all just human, and standing together trying to figure this world out is way better than being alone.” - Lusanda Worsley.

  • Remember: success is relative

Velani reminded us that success is relative and incremental. We’re all on different paths, working towards different things and at different stages - there’s no way our success can look the same.

  • Don’t compare yourself with anyone 

When speaking about being authentic online, Lusanda, an experiential marketing expert and in her own words, ‘a bloody good baker’, reminded us: 

"You are the only person you can be. There’s nothing boring or blasé about that.” 

  • Get out of your comfort zone 

(Read it again; write it down; set a reminder on your phone: get out of your comfort zone.)

Each of our speakers agreed that stepping into the unknown and away from comfort is the only sure way to grow.

Lusanda Worsley: You can be anything you want to be. And that's wonderful.