Change your perceptions to change your life, says Caitlyn Roux

Where To From Here? Workshop with Caitlyn Roux, TEDxYouth@CapeTown

Can you name one thing that you have done for your personal growth this past year?

This was the ice-breaker question that Caitlyn started the Intersections of Change 9 workshop with. You see, change can be one of the scariest, if not, the scariest thing in life - whether that be change that is happening externally, or internally.

Why is that? Change is uncomfortable, it feels weird, and it moves you from a place in your life that you are familiar with to a strange and unknown place. So ,when change happens, the natural thing would be to want to go back to that place of familiarity, comfort and security.

Do you resist change? And have you ever really asked yourself why you resist change? Think about that for a bit.

Change allows us the chance to be different, to become a different person - essentially a different version of ourselves. Here are some reasons why people resist change, according to Caitlyn:

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of failure - unworthiness, ‘I am not good enough or deserving’
  • Fear of uncomfortable and negative emotions that are felt while transitioning through change

Caitlyn explained that change isn’t going anywhere - it is the only constant in this world, it is the only thing other than death that we can be certain is going to happen. And ultimately, you don’t allow life to happen if you resist it. Don’t let resistance hold your life back.

Caitlyn Roux: Resisting change is resisting life.

Life throws experiences your way, whether you view them as good or bad experiences; they are there to help you grow as a person. These experiences have the power to change you, and give you the chance to develop and improve upon who you already are. So, by resisting change, you take that chance away from yourself.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we all know that a lot of the time change can be hard, challenging and uncomfortable. But if you really think about it:

What was a time in your life where you built character and became a stronger person?

It probably happened after you experienced something challenging or uncomfortable. That’s because growth and change can’t happen without pain, struggles or challenges - they simply can’t exist without one another. These experiences are where you learn most about life and most importantly, about yourself.

Sometimes all you need is a little reflection and to ask yourself, “What did I learn from that, how have I changed since then?”

Caitlyn Roux: accepting change opens you up to limitless opportunities.


Right now, what are the first four words that come to mind of how you perceive yourself?

Caitlyn shared, in the workshop, that the way in which you perceive things has a fundamental impact on your life and by understanding the power of perception, you are allowing yourself the chance to change your mindset.

When doing her life coaching training, Caitlyn’s coach explained that there is no one set reality and that every single one of us perceives the world around us differently. We have certain filters and we place filters on the people we meet and have in our lives. We place filters on the situations we encounter and these filters form our perspectives.

For example: Maybe you had plans to move overseas and do something but then, closer to the time, those plans didn’t work out. You get to decide how to perceive that. You can either choose to perceive that as ‘life is unfair’ and that ‘bad stuff always happens to me’, OR you can choose to perceive it as ‘maybe this wasn’t my time, maybe I am meant to be doing something different with my life right now’.

The power of perception is incredible, because perception is the driving force behind everything you do.

Caitlyn Roux: we create our lives because we control our perceptions.

Remember this quote by Caitlyn, because at any given time you can change reality by changing your thoughts and how you perceive things. We hold the power to change our reality.

Continuously putting in some time and effort to grow and focus on yourself every day will lead to lasting inner change. There is no quick fix to move from where you are now to where you want to be. It takes time.

So, did you think of those four words of how you perceive yourself?

If you aren’t happy with those words, change them. It may not be easy, but it’s a start. Make the conscious decision right now to start perceiving yourself in a positive way, because how you perceive yourself affects how you live your life.

Take ownership of your life.

Ultimately, your life is up to you - you get to decide who you want to be and what you want to do. It’s a choice and knowing this, you can use this as your power to create the life you want to live. You are the driving force behind everything in your life - where you are right now is because of you.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Caitlyn ended off the workshop reminding people that the journey is the experience, not the destination. So, for those of you who are chasing the destination and wondering why you aren’t where you want to be yet, take a step back.

Know that where you are now is exactly where you are meant to be and if you really aren’t happy with your current situation, know that you and you alone hold the power to change that. We have no power over external things, but we do have power and control over ourselves and the power to change how we perceive our current situation.

The power lies within you, it always has and always will. Sometimes you just need someone to remind you of how capable you are to go out and achieve anything in life, to remind you of your strength and to tell you that the power lies within. The power to move, shake and change your life lies with you.

Are you ready to accept and embrace change? Tomorrow is a brand new start.