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The Power of X

We live in a world of unsung, everyday superheroes leading the way to save our planet but we are rarely exposed to them. This cycling tour will be a showcase of local community Climate Change Champions that are providing an opportunity and avenue to get involved in their initiatives and decrease our ecological footprint.

This will be a collaborative event between TEDxCapeTown and Juma Art Tours.

Aimed at championing and accelerating solutions to the climate crisis; turning ideas into action. It might be a big dream, and a tremendous task, but our local champions are already showing us how.

This is our opportunity to learn and engage with them, get involved and see more of the city we live in by cycling. 

We challenge you to be the next champion and take action, because if we change, maybe the climate doesn’t have to.

The main objective with the cycling tour is to encourage cycling amongst our TEDxCapeTown audience. With visiting the local champions, we wish to inform our audience of local initiatives they can get involved in, catalyze a change in behaviour and provide an avenue to have a positive ecological footprint.