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Intersections of Change

About 'The Intersections That Changed Us'

The Intersections that Changed Us is the final installment in our 10-part digital programme.

From ‘Unmasking Social Impact’ and ‘Forward to Normal’ to ‘How we can change so that Climate doesn’t have to’, our virtual Conversations with past TEDx speakers explored a range of topics to unpack social, business and environmental impact, to better understand how we and the organisations around us have been adapting to the current times.

We’ve successfully hosted nine Conversations since May 2020, and engaged leaders/ change agents from across the TEDx community about how they’ve adjusted to a COVID-19 world.

For our final virtual event of 2020, our team will showcase key highlights from all our Conversations.

We’ve invited moderators of each event to share takeaways, and look forward to sharing pertinent insights, practical tips and bloopers of behind the scenes activities. As a learning organisation our vision is to further explore the essence of the Intersections of Change digital series.