Shannon Royden Turner - Redefining assets

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Shannon Royden-Turner

Shannon Royden-Turner
Urban Infrastructure Planner

I am Shannon, driven by a mission to inspire transformation by continually seeking innovative solutions to issues of social and environmental inequality and injustice. My social enterprise, in / formal south, focuses on integrating diverse disciplines to collectively question the notion that urban development is merely a spatial concern to be addressed exclusively with technical and physical solutions.

I TEDx because it has the ability to support inter and transdisciplinary potential by enabling people from diverse backgrounds to access ideas that to date remain contained within specific disciplines, research fields or cultures. It has the potential to be both universal as well as locally attuned, allowing people to see connections beyond their immediate environments.

My idea worth spreading to present at TEDxCapeTown 2012: reconceptualising the city from the bottom up seeks to shift our perceptions away from an ideal of radical change towards one of radical incrementalism where informal settlements are seen as assets within the city. This requires that we move beyond a paradigm of eradication towards one of intervention capable of addressing the qualitative aspects of informal city making.

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TEDxCapeTown - Shannon Royden Turner - Redefining assets
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