Richard Perez

Richard Perez
Innovation Design Engineer

What does design thinking mean for cities?

Richard is currently the City of Cape Town Director for World Design Capital 2014. He has a grounded and structured understanding about the interdisciplinary relationships that exist between the domains of creativity, finance, marketing, resource management and operations, providing him with the core knowledge and skills required in the management of diverse and complex systems. He has adopted key system thinking methodologies that promote critical thinking and critical reasoning - essential tools required to help understand and manage complex stakeholder systems.

Richard shares how his thinking applies to Cape Town's World Design Capital journey: "WDC 2014 is a catalyst, an opportunity to go forward differently, to redesign how the City thinks and functions. We have been given a fantastic opportunity through WDC2014 to embrace creative thinking to reconnect the citizens and the City. Cities are wonderful complex places, not complicated; they are wicked problems. You can't solve a wicked problem, only manage it. WDC 2014 is about creating an environment that enables dealing and engaging with that complexity, an environment where we can have constant thinking. Design is a tool to help manage complexity by developing appropriate interventions, the value is in the process as well as the solution - WDC 2014 is a big communication exercise. Locally, how do we, the City of Cape Town, become a more innovative organisation that embraces Design Thinking and paves the way for us to all “Live Design Transform Life”

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