Blaq Pearl

TEDx Title: 
Peformance Artist

Talk title: Against All Odds
Janine's talk will be about her experience and challenges as an independent female artist, residing in Cape Town, and also a reflection on her travels abroad within this context.

Janine van Rooy, aka Blaq Pearl, is the only daughter, with two brothers, of Mr. and Mrs. Van Rooy. Born and raised in the working class community of Beacon Valley, Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town. She is a gifted singer and writer who holds a degree in Psychology and Linguistics, as well as a social activist and youth development worker, who gets her inspiration from God, her parents, family, friends, neighbours and self. She is driven by a desire to tell her own story and the stories of others.

Janine / Blaq Pearl is also a Life Skills Facilitator and works with various organizations in different sectors that involves youth at risk, HIV/AIDS and women’s issues (in the communities, schools and prison). She transfers life skills using music and arts (poetry, creative writing & drawing) as methodology.

Janine started writing at the age of 12 to simply express herself and because she 'wanted to change the world'. Her first piece titled, ‘Life’s No Metaphor’ developed into a song. From that time already, she was doing choruses for her late brother ‘Devious’ (1977-2004), who is also her biggest musical influence.

Janine's aspirations include to contribute to positive change and empowerment, particularly in the music and youth sectors. To be a successful person with continuous growth and inspire upcoming artists & musicians

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