TEDxCapeTown City2.0: Action Pitch


The City 2.0 aims to surface the stories and collective actions being taken by citizens around the world to improve their cities. On TEDxCity2.0 day -- October 13th, 2012 -- TEDx communities will gather for a global conversation, bridging the local and worldwide. As part of this collaboration, we are piloting Action pitch sessions during TEDxCity2.0 day events -- giving innovators the opportunity to pitch ideas for urban transformation that will inspire their local community and the global TEDx network in the process.

As part of the TEDxCapeTown City2.0 event on 13 October, there will be an Action pitch session (10:45 - 11:00am). During these sessions, five members of the community can propose projects around the theme of "City 2.0."

These pitch sessions will be rapid and energetic, giving each participant two minutes to get the crowd excited about your idea. The attendees can volunteer non-monetary support to one or more of these projects, or the crowd can vote to have the winning project adopted and realized by our community. The unfolding story of the City 2.0 Actions will be documented on TheCity2.org website, allowing those in the global TEDx and urban advocacy communities to learn from one another.

Ideas into Action

The best City 2.0 Actions will be creative, communal and contextualized. They should build on the best of what your city has to offer and meet the most frustrating of its challenges. Importantly, it should blend idealism with pragmatism: What can you and your community do, realistically, in a short amount of time to make the biggest improvement on your local urban experience? Projects should fall within the current City 2.0 themes: education, housing, art, public space, food, transportation, play, safety and health. Learn more about what type of projects fit within these themes by visiting TheCity2.org website.




TEDxCity2.0 Action Pitch Session Guidelines


Five Action pitches will be presented on the day. The audience then fills out a pledge card (with the five groups that are pitching their actions listed) to choose which action they would like to support in what way. All five Actions are then implemented by different members of the community based on which of the Actions excites them the most.


Each group pitching will have two minutes and three slides to make their pitch.


No monetary award can be given to a pitch session Action or winner. Individual community members can give money, but TEDxCapeTown cannot do any campaigning to raise funds for chosen actions. Instead, projects presented should contain an action area that the community can participate in or support with non-monetary means (i.e volunteer hours, online campaigning, etc).


Winning or pledged actions should be promoted as a TEDxCapeTown Action. (as per TED Guidelines)


The Action(s) will have a dedicated space on the TEDxCapeTown website, and when we revamp that, on some other web property that is regularly updated with information on its progress,  and with information on how each can be supported.. The project(s) will also be mentioned and promoted on our social media properties (but the teams will have to help with this too).